First and Only Data
“X-Ray Vision”

Important Questions for Healthcare Data Security


Does your data security system speak “healthcare”?

Medical devices use a wide variety of communication protocols to transmit data on the network, some of them archaic. Accordingly, every network is different, which means a healthcare organization could be “blind” to its compliance with HIPAA or GDPR regulations.To have a comprehensive view of compliance – Data X-Ray Vision – it’s necessary to “speak healthcare” and see all the data, all the time, in motion and at rest.

Data Loss:

Do you prefer to suspect a breach, or would you rather know?

The traditional approach to data loss protection (DLP) is to use artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of people and/or devices on the network. A behavioral baseline is established and aberrant behavior is flagged as a suspected violation. This approach, applied to the current explosion of data in the healthcare environment, requires overworked IT staff to investigate and react to a flood of alerts, many of them false positives. While the behavioral approach is certainly better than nothing, wouldn’t you rather know? Focusing artificial intelligence on data to identify actual violations is the key.

Theft / Ransomware:

When hackers inevitably get into your network, will they do as they please or be stopped?

Much attention is focused on perimeter defense – preventing intruders from getting inside and wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, the hackers are always innovating and a security strategy that focuses only on preventing entry is insufficient. Hacking is a certainty and healthcare is the favorite target. Preventing access is the first line of defense, but when a hacker gets in, you need a system that will instantly detect and neutralize the attack, on an enterprise level, before it’s too late.


Patient data privacy compliance

Nesicon Insight uses a sophisticated new form of machine learning that can actually “learn languages” – the communication protocols at work in every healthcare network. Few data security or compliance solutions can read healthcare protocols and those that can are generally “pre-programmed” with just the primary, modern protocols.

This results in an incomplete view of system data and therefore compliance.  Nesicon Insight has spent years learning many healthcare protocols and also will learn new ones it encounters in each network, even from legacy devices.  Like a young, bilingual child, Nesicon Insight has the ability to learn new languages quickly and effectively, resulting in unsurpassed data comprehension – our “X-Ray Vision.”

Technology Key:
Healthcare Communication Protocols

Patient data loss / theft prevention

It’s common to have some form of “AI” in a security solution today; the key is what form and how it is utilized. Nesicon Insight deploys the most advanced AI in multiple, innovative ways. Machine learning is employed to understand healthcare protocols and provide comprehensive data visibility. Our “secret sauce” includes a sophisticated, AI-driven decision engine that evaluates the data to accurately identify violations, from inadvertent staff errors to aggressive attacks.

Proprietary AI technology is also employed to analyze large blocks of data and detect the presence of protected healthcare information (PHI) much more efficiently than traditional approaches. It is these capabilities that set Nesicon Insight apart – preventing data loss or theft by accurately identifying and selectively remediating violations, with virtually no false positives.

Technology Key:
Artificial Intelligence

Ransomware neutralization

If you want to stop an attack on your network before irreparable harm is done, you can’t wait for people to prioritize, analyze and decide how to address system alerts. Automatic Remediation has been tried in many enterprise security solutions in the past and has generally fallen short, due to the large number of false positives typically generated by behavior-based data loss protection solutions.

Many false positives trigger the blocking of many network devices, paralyzing the network and frustrating the users. The result? The IT staff “turns off” the auto-remediation and reverts to the slow process of evaluating and reacting to suspected violations. 

Nesicon Insight has introduced Automatic Remediation that works. Because our data-focused solution yields unprecedented accuracy, false positives are minimal and autoremediation results in blocking or quarantining (according to client settings) true violations. This assures rapid, sometimes nearly immediate, containment and frees the IT staff to focus on more strategic objectives!

Technology Key:
Automatic Remediation


Nesicon Insight combines a dashboard, instant violation notification and robust reporting and remediation to keep you fully informed, on a real-time basis, of network compliance with  HIPAA & GDPR.
Monitors all data, in motion and at rest, for 24/7 vigilance against breaches and ransomware attacks.


Mid-Size Hospital – Athens, Greece

150 beds / 35,000 patients annually

  • Over 2 years’ AI training in hospital operating enviroment
  • Learned healthcare protocols
  • Developed full solution


Alex Iliadis

CTO & Founder

Renowned cyber-security expert, disciplined software architect


1st to reveal medical device cyber-vulnerabilities – US 2016


Launched a medical security appliance in 2016


Architect of 6 products


M.S.C Computer Systems Architecture – University
of Manchester Institute of Technology (U.M.I.S.T);
B.eng, Electronics Engineering –
University of Essex

Kostis Stergiopoulos

Chairman & Founder

16 yrs experience in diverse international
industries as Founder, CEO, Chairman
10 yrs entrepreneurial experience in cybersecurity

Turned around €15 million fund and liquidated prior to ‘08 crisis to create 7 Values innovation model, from which Nesicon was born

MBA – University College of Wales Aberystwyth;
B.SC/B.A. – Deree College